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"Medicine and sport - without one, I couldn't do the other."

Medicine is my chosen career path. I began at Auckland University in 2007, gaining entry into the medical program at the end of the year. Two years of lecture based learning followed at the Grafton Campus in Auckland. 2011 is my 5th year of studies and the second of ward based learning. For this year I am placed at Whangarei Base Hospital, the hospital serving the Northland region.

I chose medicine in the later part of my secondary school career. An interest in human physiology built in part on my experiences of training and sports injuries were the initial drive. As I have moved through my studies I have remained interested in Sports Medicine, and this is an area I see myself having a place in further down the track. My other interests in medicine are diverse, from orthopaedics to renal medicine to obstetrics to general practice.